MAS London-KL flight resumes journey after repairs

The Malaysia Airlines (MAS) flight that returned to Heathrow Airport in London after a faulty door was detected has departed for Kuala Lumpur after repairs.

MAS today apologised for the delay of flight MH1 which it said departed London after necessary technical repairs had been carried out.

The aircraft had earlier returned to London due to a technical defect in an Airbus 380 aircraft door. MAS said the noise and vibration from the door posed no immediate safety risk to passengers.

“The defect was repaired in London Heathrow with consultation from Airbus and the licensing authorities.

MAS added the MH1 was serviced daily by the Airbus 380-800 and MAS would work closely with the manufacturer to isolate the root cause of the problem.

“Passengers were given constant updates and refreshments while the aircraft was in London Heathrow,” MAS said in a statement.

It said alternative arrangements with other airlines were being made for MH1 passengers connecting in Kuala Lumpur to ensure they get to their destination as

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