Public Prosecutor’s office at MACC raided by Special Branch for 1MDB documents

Putrajaya, August 1- Special Branch police has raided MACC DPP Ahmad Sazilee Abdul Khairy’s office and confiscate documents and laptop computer related on 1MDB.  According to sources a team of police which consist of 12 men including officers and men raided Deputy Public Prosecutor’s office at Presint 3 at Putrajaya.  The Special Branch also readed Sazilee’s home at Presint 11 earlier.

According to sources, Sazilee’s division is in charge of investigating 1MDB and SRC International. SRC International is a subsidiary of Ministry of Finance while it was previously owned by 1MDB.  The DPP’s arrest was the third arrest by the police from agencies involved in the task force.  Previously Tan Sri Rashpal Singh a former MACC adviser and Jessica Gurmit Kaur from Attorney-General’s Chambers was also arrested.  All Sazilee,  Tan Sri Rashpal Singh and  Jessica Gurmit Kaur was freed after questioning from the police.

According to Inspector General of Police Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar, these individuals were detained as to assist investigation of leaked official government secrets where it was misused by certain parties.


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